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Beautiful Hair is Rooted in a Scalp - Detox

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Diwali is a time for cleaning and cleansing to bring in reinvigorating energy into your

life. Cleaning your physical surroundings and cleansing yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Like everything in our life requires regular cleansing and detoxing, so does our Scalp!

The first rule for beautiful hair? Give your scalp some love! Your hair thrives in a

healthy environment, so if you want gorgeous, vibrant & healthy hair, you need to make a point of cleansing and caring for your scalp regularly too.

If your scalp is unhealthy, inflamed and full of toxins, imagine what quality of hair will it

grow. Dull, thin, weak that falls out easily. Like the delicate rose plant which requires

the right moisture, soil pH, and nutrients to grow and flourish, our hair too is very

demanding. It needs the right conditions to grow, especially the hair on the scalp.

Sadly in the quest to make our hair look beautiful, we are exposing it to an onslaught of

chemicals. Everyday use of chemical hair dyes, mousse, sprays, hair gels, shampoos and

conditioners only makes the matter worse. And it’s not your fault. The flashy

advertisement and glossy models lure you in the promise of thicker, fuller and shinier

hair and most of us switch from one product to another only to be left in more hair


Even if you opt for natural hair care, the pollution and water quality is another factor

you can’t do much about. Unless we all live in the forest and use pure spring/river water,

which would be so lovely. But if you are a city inhabitant, you can give yourself a scalp

detox every so often.

A scalp detox is like doing a deep cleanse. It helps to remove toxins and gunk from the

scalp, unclogs the hair follicles, and balances our natural oils and scalp pH.

Detoxing your scalp will rejuvenate and renew the hair follicles and create a perfect

environment for hair growth.

If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s time to detox your

Scalp and Hair: -

 a dry scalp

 excessive oily scalp

 itchiness, dandruff

 pain on the scalp

 hair loss or hair fall

 brain fog

Why detox your Scalp and Hair?

 Gets rid of toxin build-up to promote healthy new growth

 Improves scalp circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to roots of hair

 Helps regenerate hair cells

 Unclogs hair follicles so hair can grow without any hindrance

 Gets rid of dryness, flakiness and scalp irritation

 Helps with scalp acne

 Most importantly improves the health of your scalp which is the bedrock of your hair


More Tips to Help With Scalp Detox : -

1. Drink Water: Water is one of the most powerful detox ingredients.  It literally flushes

out toxins and harmful hormones like DHT (which is the cause of male and female

pattern baldness) out of your body.

2. Daily intake of 2 grams of NAVEDA Spirulina : This contains chlorophyll which is

used for “detoxification” by helping remove toxins such as heavy metals and other pollutants

from the blood. It also possesses remarkable nutritional value that results in incredible health

benefits, and is loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids which benefit

skin and hair.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of

insoluble fiber, which absorbs toxins, promote speedy digestion and ‘clean’ the digestive

tract (GI tract) of waste matter. A healthy digestive system facilitates proper absorption

of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that keep our skin, hair and body healthy and


4. Practise Yoga & Meditation: Yoga rejuvenates the whole body and also

promotes blood circulation to specific parts of the body like the scalp, which

needs good levels of oxygen flow, which in turn prevents hair fall. Meditation

and breathing techniques help release stress, which aids in preventing hair



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