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Essential Vitamins for Vibrant Hair Health

Hair is an important part of one’s personality and looks, thus, it is important to take good care of your hair and provide them proper nourishment. Besides topical herbal treatments, vitamins have salient features that can provide shine, vibrancy, and volume to your hair. They not only keep your hair and scalp moisturized but also stimulate the growth of hair follicles. One of the important benefits of these vitamins is that they can restore damaged hair and hair tissues.

Some of the vital vitamins required for hair health and growth are as follows: -

1) Vitamin A

It is one of the essential vitamins that promote cell growth in the body and strengthen the immune system. The salient form of vitamin A is beta-carotene and is found in many fruits and vegetables such as spinach, green vegetables, carrots, peaches and sweet potatoes.

Importance of Vitamin A for hair

v Stimulates secretion of sebum in the scalp.

v Promotes the growth of hair.

v Prevents the breakage and thinning of hair.

v Prevent the incidence of dandruff by keeping the scalp moisturized.

v Sebum maintains the natural moisture of hair.

2) Vitamin B

There are total eight vitamins cover the heading of vitamin B and are known as vitamin B complex. These vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 work together to keep the body healthy. They regulate and promote the growth of muscles, cells, skin, and nerves. Grains, vegetables, nuts, egg, and meat are a rich source of this vitamin and must be included in the diet.

Importance of Vitamin B for hair

v Enhances the growth of hair.

v Nourishes hair shingles.

v Vitamin B5 protects adrenal glands that promote hair growth.

v Thickens the hair fibers.

v Averts hair breakage.

3) Biotin

It is one of the essential vitamins belonging to the Vitamin B family. Other name for this vitamin is Vitamin B7. It produces the glucose and breakdowns the proteins into amino acids in the body and is majorly involved in the health and nourishment of hair. Biotin-rich foods include mushrooms, salmon, peanut butter, eggs and avocados and they must be included in the diet.

Importance of Biotin for hair

v Promotes the healthy locks of hair.

v Promotes fast growth of hair.

v Regulates the function of keratin protein in hair.

v Fortify hair follicles.

v Restores the structure of damaged hair.

1) Niacin

This is another vitamin that belongs to the Vitamin B family and has an essential role in maintaining the health of hair. Turkey, chicken breast, mushrooms and avocado all contain Niacin.

Importance of Niacin for hair

v Nourishes the scalp.

v Promotes the growth of hair.

v Prevents thinning of hair.

v Keep your hair strengthened.

v Nourish the hair follicles so that the hair can grow fast.

5) Vitamin C

Vitamin C prevents the body from harmful diseases and also boosts up the immune system. Thus it is essential to consume vitamin C rich foods such as Broccoli, Brussels, Kale, Strawberry, and Papayas.

Importance of Vitamin C in hair

v Strengthen hair follicles.

v Stimulates the production of collagen, an essential protein for hair structure.

v Prevents dandruff due to its antioxidant property.

v Prevent hair from aging.

v Fights oxidative stress that leads to graying of hair.

6) Vitamin D

This vitamin is actually a hormone that promotes cell growth and stimulates the immune system to work efficiently. It is important for hair nourishment so it is important to consume Vitamin D rich foods such as Salmon fish, milk, eggs, and tuna and 15 Minutes Daily Sunbathing.

Importance of Vitamin D for hair

v Prevent Alopecia areata, a common disease that leads to hair fall.

v Promotes the growth of hair follicles.

v Restores hair cycle functioning in patients suffering from hair loss.

v Keeps hair follicles healthy.

Strengthen the roots of hair.

6) Vitamin E

It is essential for repairing the damaged cell tissues and stimulates the blood circulation in the body. Seeds, avocado, almonds, and broccoli are all Vitamin E rich foods that are also beneficial for hair growth.

Importance of Vitamin E for hair

v Repairs the damaged tissues of the scalp.

v Prevents damaging to hair follicles.

v Boosts up the oxygen supply to the hair tissues.

v Stops inflammation of the nerves in the scalp.

v Keeps the scalp moisturized.

Prevent split ends of hair.

Additional tips

Although these vitamins will help you greatly in achieving vibrant hair health, one must maintain good hair care in order to see the enhanced effects of these vitamins. These include but not limited to: -

v Try avoiding the daily washing of hair.

v Immediately stop the use of heat on your hair such as using a blow dryer.

v Get your hair trimmed regularly.

v Try avoiding the excessive use of these vitamins.

v Consume the vitamins according to the prescription of the physician.

v Receive the vitamins from their Natural Food Sources rather than depending on vitamin pills or tablets.

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