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Our Community Initiatives


Naveda's role as an Integrated Wellness Centre starts with educating our larger community in Hong Kong, and around the world through awareness campaigns, workshops, talks, and carefully formulated products ranging from supplements, millets, and skincare for a holistic approach to health.


80 Is The New 50

A year-long campaign called "80 Is The New 50"
that included a number of events including online and in-person seminars every week, as well as marketing and promotional activities to educate the community about longevity and

wellness habits.

Scientific Lifestyle Health Management

A variety of scientific lifestyle seminars have been given both in person and online since 2019 to help raise greater awareness in the community for how people should look after their health, and that of their loved ones.


Yoga, Meditation
and Breathing

Naveda has been very active in being proponents of ancient vedic teachings in the forms of ayurveda, yoga, meditation, breathing, and spirituality. Not only have we been active in promoting the International Day of Yoga every year, but we also champion these practices as part of our consultations.

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