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Diva Chugani, Mum, Yoga Teacher & University Teacher

I am a proud and loyal customer of Veena's NAVEDA products & services.  Five years ago, I consulted with her for my hair loss concern and she provided me with 100% Natural & 100% Safe Holistic & Integrative solutions and and my hair feels better taken care of since then. I have observed as to how she has evolved her knowledge to create the most safe and natural products possible to cater to public's need for today. 

I use her products fearlessly versus over the counter ones. Feeling emotionally safe along with seeing happy & positive results has certainly made my life style choices easier. For example, my scalp doesn't itch or burn when I use her chemical free colouring products, the hair pack has strengthened my hair follicles and her hair wooden combs actually stimulate hair growth. 

What sets Veena's customer care different from others is that she shares knowledge that top doctors won't and she makes sure that her products are affordable to us, the working population. I appreciate it when she reaches out to update me on her latest products or that she has new stock of Spirulina which I diligently take to maintain my energy level throughout the day.  I lead a very busy lifestyle where I juggle 3 jobs, 2 kids and a joint family, and thus need the boost of energy and NAVEDA Spirulina has given me this which no other Spirulina does.

Veena is truly holistic & integrative to the extent where she helps us to remain healthy Inside Out and she remarkably does this with non toxic products, services, customer care, health education empowerment workshops and coaching.

Thank you Veena for making a difference and empowering us to LIVE LIFE NAVEDA WAY! 100% Safe, 100% Natural! NAVEDA rocks!;)

Shirley Budhrani

I highly recommend Naveda Wellness services & products. I purchased NAVEDA Spiriulina from Veena and felt confidence in her authentic products as they are all certified Organic, Non-Toxic and meet all Food Safety Quality Assurance and more. 

 In addition her informative Public Health Awareness workshops have helped a lot too.  

The wellness centre is genuine and supportive. All the best!



Angela Ng

I attended a few of NAVEDA Wellness public health awareness workshops n use a variety of their nutritional supplements e.g. Superfood Spirulina, Therapeutic Alma C, Turmeric, Om Shanti and the Herbal Hair Therapy Kit etc.   I appreciate their holistic & integrative approach to strengthen my overall health. I am curious to know the authentic Indian wisdom and natural ways of preventive health and I can surely see that NAVEDA provides this through high quality services and products!

I thank God for the opportunity to connect with Naveda Wellness and looking forward to a more healthy, happy n abundant journey.













Shaleena Mulchandani


Veena has been a long time friend and  has a intense passion to help people use natural ways to solve their health issues - her mantra: the natural the better.  So it's no surprise she experimented on NAVEDA Spirulina and Superfoods when she needed it most and paid it forward when I needed it most.  Happy to say I continue to enjoy great general health and a great friendship!










Karina Shivnani

Two years ago, I was suffering from massive Hair Loss! Consulted with few doctors and naturopaths in Hong Kong and found out that I was nutritionally deficient.  Took the supplements they recommended which also costed a lot of money, my hair was not getting any better.  So I decided to consult with NAVEDA Wellness.  I started using their 100% Natural and Herbal Hair products and followed their lifestyle and nutrition food coaching  and very soon noticed my hair stopped falling within few months and started growing back again much more stronger and healthier.  I followed their instructions and within 2 years all my hair was back and much more stronger and healthier.  I continue to use their hair products to maintain my hair health and I strongly recommend NAVEDA Wellness to all my friends.  I am very happy with their products.










Nik Cheung, Editor of Chinese Magazine

I had hair problem since 2008, I had tried many methods including taking western medicine likes propecia. At first the result was quite good but gradually the progress  was not obvious.  I looked for some new methods to regain my hair.  In 2015, I met Veena  in a Lohas Health EXPO. I’ m quite curious about her profession which help clients to regain hair in Natural and Holistic way.  I followed her suggestions and coaching and used the Natural products she suggested. Veena, the founder of NAVEDA taught me a lot of health, nutrition and yoga tips, e.g.  how to tap into Universal Energy (Pranic healing ) to revive hair growth, drinking and eating nutritious food and fresh juices, breathe techniques,  Ayurvedic head massage and more.  etc.  Around six month later, I found my hair regrow again and quality is better than before. I highly recommend her service, she is a professional, Integrative and Holistic Hair Specialist with good knowledge basis. 

Thank You So Much NAVEDA!

Lal Daryanani



I am 78 years old but feel like 55 years young!!!  Thanks to Veena, founder of NAVEDA Wellness who has introduced me to lead a healthy lifestyle.   I had a bald patch 6 years ago and Veena introduced me to her natural and herbal hair products which I have been applying ever since and I and my family and friends are wowed by the fact that even at my age, I was able to regrow my hair!  More then that, I take NAVEDA Spirulina which has boosted my energy levels and I can enjoy life with my friends and travel like I am 55 years Young! All of NAVEDA's products are 100% Natural and 100% Safe!  I have witnessed Veena put in a lot of efforts and go out of her way to introduce the best quality natural products which are effective and meet international quality assurance and food safety standards!  I am a very happy customer so much to the fact that I have happily invested in her passion and her business!  NAVEDA will bring a paradigm shift in the way people live and consume products!  It is transformative and Anti-Aging for sure!





Nishta Mirpuri

NAVEDA Wellness products works really well! During my consultation with Veena Dansinghani, founder of NAVEDA Wellness,  she examined my scalp and introduced me to the Naveda programme for my hair. I swear by it! 


It has been almost 2 years since I started this hair care programme. I religiously apply the hair oils and herbal hair colour. In 6 months I noticed a difference in my hair, which had suffered really badly from dryness and hair loss. I highly recommend Naveda, it has worked for me,  thank you Naveda for helping me.

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